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Top 5 Most Outdated Rumors about Marijuana

            Even with the support of the medical community and help of social media, marijuana continues to be labeled with negative stereotypes and misinformation. It’s no secret that marijuana brings both personal and community benefits with legalization and social acceptance. But even with cultural recognition, a lot of people still seem wrapped up in the old world myths about marijuana and it’s smokers. Now with recreational legalization on the ballot this November, it’s HIGH TIME we debunk these dated myths about our lady, Mary Jane-


MYTH: All pot smokers look alikeseth-rogan-smoke

    What does Bill Murray, Steve Jobs and Oprah all have in common? Believe it or not, they are all pro-cannabis and enjoy marijuana themselves.


While many of us have grown with the stoner “dude” image as the poster child of marijuana –  I’m sorry to say that pot smokers come in all shapes and sizes. You’d be surprised to know that many celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson and even Jennifer Aniston are not only pot smokers but believe in the legalization of cannabis.

Even if you aren’t an avid smoker –  it’s safe to say you know quite a few people that enjoy the reefer on a weekly basis. Chances are, your favorite barista goes home to Mary Jane.



MYTH: Stoned driving is as bad as a drunk driver


        According to M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) – drunk driving kills 28 people a day in this country. So while smoking weed may affect driving for many people, generally speaking it does also raise cautiousness. If you’ve ever hung out with a smoker, you’ve seen how attention detailed and calm they can be!    And unlike to drunk drivers, pot smokers often prefer not to drive at all. If anything – potheads wait for the red, drunk driver speed through.



MYTH: Weed kills your brain cells

smartie pants crop.jpg

        Sorry PSA enthusiasts but marijuana does not in fact kill off brain cells. According to a 2003 report in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, (published by the Cambridge University) weed is not the reason you so easily forget things.

Reports suggest that instead of killing brain cells –  that weed actually promotes the growth and development of new brain cells. While weed may have some affect on your short-term memory, it can also help treat brain injuries, even in newborns. Some tests have shown that giving cannabinoids, the substances found in cannabis, to victims of stroke and head trauma, actually heal faster and sustain less damage.

So yes, you may still lose your keys on occasion, but the science suggests you are not in fact hurting your brain like it was so strongly suggested. #sorrynotsorry


MYTH: Hemp is marijuana

hemp everything.jpg

        While there is some debate as to what constitutes hemp vs cannabis, many would agree that the answer lies in the THC levels. Health Canada defines hemp as products of Cannabis Sativa which contain less than 0.3% THC, whereas U.S. law defines hemp as all parts of any Cannabis Sativa plant containing no psychoactive properties (except for defined exceptions).

“The core agricultural differences between medical cannabis and hemp are largely in their genetic parentage and cultivation environment.”

     So in other words, hemp and marijuana are not always interchangeable. For one, hemp as a material can been used for many common household products.
In fact, outside the U.S., hemp is grown in more than 30 countries. In 2011, the top hemp-producing country was China, followed by Chile and the European Union. Hemp production is also expanding in Canada, with the country’s annual crop reaching a record high of 66,700 acres in 2013.

Interesting enough, it is legal to import hemp products into the United States whereas production is heavily regulated. According to the Hemp Industry Association, about $500 million worth of hemp products are imported every year. Bottom line, hemp is a valuable material with many benefits, where as marijuana is the cultivated plant we all know and love. For more information visit: Herb.co



MYTH: All weed is created equal



       Yes, 300 available strains at one dispensary can seem a little excessive but you’ll be happy to know that not all marijuana is the same. Indica strains are known to give smokers a relaxing body high, while sativa delivers a more cerebral high, designed to enhance. Hybrids are even created as mixtures of the two –  giving a more unique high experience. Like anything else, some weed can affect others differently, so it’s important to pay attention to how each makes you feel. But believe it or not, each strain of weed is unique in both composition and experience. This is even more helpful for smokers trying to stay away from strains that make you feel paranoid or give you a not so enjoyable high. So sorry stereotypers – but weed





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