Why you should stop hiding your marijuana use-



It’s time for marijuana users to jump out of the closet and celebrate the cannabis lifestyle publicly. It’s more than just being loud and proud – it’s about breaking through the old stereotypes of marijuana smokers. For too long have we associated stoners with lazy and even criminal perceptions. So today – smokers unite and stand proud.

The cannabis lifestyle is more than just smoking weed and staring at pretty pictures. It’s about living a loving, freeing life that is open to everything around you. It’s about connecting with others and the beauty of the world. But best of all, its about enjoying the present moment. Have you ever met an angry or mean stoner?

The most important part is that marijuana users shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed because of what you think people might assume about you because you smoke. I am here to tell you that you would be very surprised to know that many people just don’t care anymore.

When I first started smoking, it was in fact for medicinal use as recommended by my doctor. I was fortunate to have a few friends that were already avid smokers to guide me.
I honestly had no idea where to even start.

So for the first 4 years, I kept that part of me a secret, especially from my family. Then as my younger sister entered her young adult life, she became a big time stoner. To the point where she was ditching responsibility just to get high. Unfortunately for me, she was one of those millennials that give marijuana users a bad name. This is when I knew I had to become more vocal about the other side of the cannabis lifestyle. Even with contrasting lifestyles, my family has been very open and supportive of my lifestyle choices. As much as it frustrates my sister that they have accepted me and continue to disapprove of her choices – there is one major distinguishing factor that set us apart.

Regardless of whether or not you are a marijuana smoker, everyone must conduct their lives in a responsible, respectful manner. In other words, handle your shit.

With a full-time job, my own apartment and life goals – even my harshest family critics have fully accepted my daily smoking choices. How? Because I am respectful and honest.

Now I am not suggesting that everyone is going to be as accepting but the point is, be honest and be proud. Leave your pot socks at home when attending a family event but that doesn’t mean you have to hide that part of your life completely. Besides, with a growing social acceptance, there is a cannabis community that welcomes you with open arms. So surround yourself with positive, respectful people. And again, handle your shit.

“If you are a cannabis user, you’ve got to here here, and you’ve got to represent” -Dr. Carl Hart


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