Weed Out Your Closet


Weed Out Your Closet

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hemp


Hemp (n).

is native to Asia but naturalized for cultivated in many parts of the world and is the source of a valuable fiber as well as drugs such a marijuana and hashish.

               Hemp has struggled to gain mainstream acceptance mainly because of the long standing assumption that hemp is only weed. Yes, hemp has many names but equally as many uses and benefits, that not only support modern living but it is actually better for the environment. Because we have been so culturally wrapped up in the debate regarding smoking weed, we’ve forgotten all the other gifts or perks hemp has to offer. It’s estimated that hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 products – anything from paper pages for a Bible to building materials for homes, hemp greatly benefits everyone!

There’s the top 5 things you didn’t know about hemp- 

  1. Better than cotton t-shirts
    The conventional cotton that dominates your closet uses 25% of the world’s pesticides. With hemp, not a single one is used in the growing process. So let’s just say that Mother Nature would appreciate you ditching those cotton t-shirts. Hemp is not only better for the environment, but hemp doesn’t deplete the soil – growing for over 20 years without affecting the soil.


  2. Hemp will always flourishProcessed with MOLDIVOnly needing 4 months to grow, hemp uses minimal water and can withstand extremely hot weather. With less water usage than most fruits and vegetables, hemp can withstand a drought and other harsh conditions. And as any Californian will tell you, we need to save water where we can!



    3. Tougher than cotton anyways3-sail-boat

    As a fabric, hemp is not only stronger but softer than cotton, even after several runs in the washer. And it’s that very reason that historically, many explorers used it for things like rope, boat sails and even the American flag. This use for such a material as been founded dating back to even the Vikings.


    4. Hypoallergenic
    Your skin will thank you! Hemp clothing is both durable and gentle for all types of skin. It’s natural structure also has the amazing ability to fend off nasty bacteria. Your clothes should do more than just make you a fashion icon! But get this, hemp is both thermo regulating and can filter harmful rays up to SPF 15. Clothing that not only protects your skin but treats it well… AMAZING!


    5. Don’t Trash it, compost it

    Hemp is kind to the environment and good to your skin, but get it doesn’t stop there. When your clothing reaches the point beyond repair, don’t trash but throw it in your heap compost pile! Because of its earthly composition, it will break down naturally – I do recommend shredding it first to help your worms out. Can you believe that? And you thought it was just better for the environment, but hemp clothing keeps on giving!




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