Pros to Marijuana Legalization


For several states, the marijuana debate will be put to a vote coming this November. States like California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and Arizona, residents will cast their vote on the legalization of recreational use for adults over the age of 21. You can rest assure there will come restrictions and heavy regulations if in fact recreational use is allowed but for those who are still undecided –

Consider these Pros to the Legalization of Marijuana


Helps with: seizures, ADHD, anxiety disorders, PTSD, arthritis, headaches, panic attacks and side effects like nausea (especially side effects from treatments like Chemo-)

Not only can marijuana replace several different drugs, it can also bring better relief to patients with serious side effects. With pharmaceuticals like anti depressants etc, patients experience a wide range of major side effects, as well as encounter obstacles making it difficult or expensive to receive the drug once dependency builds. With several different ways to smoke, consume or ingest THC –  patients are in control has to how they receive the mediation, what works best for them.

With the legalization of marijuana, each state has the opportunity to bring in an additional revenue stream that could be used for social programs like schools. “Colorado saw $996.2 million in legal sales of medical and recreational pot in 2015, according to the Denver Post‘s calculations. Compared to the 2014 sale of $699 million, Colorado was able to give $35 million towards school construction projects. With the increase revenue there was no increase in crime. In addition, the tax revenue was used for social programs and improvements, as well as school infrastructure.


Since the 1970s, the War on Drugs has cost taxpayers $1 trillion dollars and has turned our nation into the most highly incarcerated society in history. Human ties to the plant have been too strong, across six continents for too many millennia to try to enduringly convince enough people that it’s negatives outweigh the positives. But with 10 times as many blacks than whites being sent to prison for drug offenses – we have a serious community problem here.Many of those placed behind bars are young men 15 to 30 years old, who lose out on labor skills and see their “opportunities start plummeting.”


weed-leaf-vectorBecause we have been so culturally wrapped up in the debate regarding smoking weed, we’ve completely forgotten about all the other products hemp can make. It’s estimated that hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 products – anything from paper pages for a Bible to building materials for homes, hemp greatly benefits everyone!

Not only is hemp better for the environment but it much pretty for your skin – hypoallergenic and it’s actually tougher than cotton!

With certain demographics making up the majority of those criminalized for marijuana offenses, there is no doubt the social strain it has created on many communities. This social tension can only result in a strong divide between people and increased violence. If there is something that can not only bring communities together but help to preserve them, I think that’s a great idea either way you slice it.



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