Tuesday’s To-Do: VOTE


Whatever your political views are – please make sure to vote this Tuesday!

Don’t let the Presidential Race distract you from all the other very important things going on this election season. Its not just about weed – and you’re right to smoke it. Its about being part of something much bigger than yourself and casting your vote as a part of that.

In regards to the legalization of marijuana, its important to remember that its not just a vote to decide if adults can smoke weed recreationally but also how marijuana can affect your community as more than a plant. Together, we must end the greed of the big drug companies and their politician friends! Vote to help your neighbors and bring that money back to your community.

You deserve to decide what happens to you and your family. Many people greatly benefit from the medical uses of cannabis – imagine if your community could benefit without having to smoke it?

No matter your political position – VOTE EARTH 2016

For more information about legalization or cannabis benefits – Legalization Benefits or Marijuana: Decriminalization vs Legalization



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