Weed Reads

Even in 2016, many people still believe that marijuana is in fact a drug that only leads to rebellion and more drugs. For those people that have been able to experience the medical benefits of marijuana, that just simply isn’t the case. So as part of our efforts to educate the community – we are starting a book list!

With some many opinion pieces and false articles circulating around the internet, its no wonder some people feel confused and conflicted about the new studies showing benefits and those still stuck in the dark ages. So whether you are a cannabis user or just a supporter, we recommend these two books as our first Weed Reads

Selling Sickness

Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels 2005 (Nation Books)
How the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients

Drug companies have systematically been working with politicians and medical professionals in order to widen the boundaries that define illnesses as a way to ever expand the market of
sickness. Because after all – money is in the medicine. This book does a great job exposing how mild problems are redefined as serious illnesses and how the everyday complaints are not labeled as serious medical conditions that require drug treatments. Runny noses are not allergic rhinitis – PMS is now considered a psychiatric disorder and most children are prescribed medications from their ADD or ADHD.

Selling Sickness reveals the dynamic at play in the drug/medical world and how it is changing how we understand ourselves as human beings.

We all can agree that everyone deserves the right to care over their own bodies – but what happens when medical professionals are part of the market to sell you sickness?

           “When a drug is being prescribed to a healthy person – as they often are when the drugs are designed to prevent illness – those side effects become much more important” (17)

     From this drug companies are creating millions of new patients and billions in fresh revenue. While threatening to bankrupt health-care systems around the world. More and more our everyday life is becoming medicalized – selling sickness to both the sick and healthy.

Weed Reader: Great book when exploring the medicinal marijuana debate. Several states throughout the country have legalized marijuana to treat medical conditions but drug companies are dominating at the federal level. This book is a great tool for medical support in the medicinal debate against pharmaceuticals.

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Marijuana is safer: So why are we driving people to drink?

Steve Fox, Paul Armentano, Mason Tvert 2013 (Chelsea Green Publishing)

     In 2012, Colorado voters shocked the political arena when they decided to legalize marijuana at the state level. This sent a rippling effect throughout the country – challenging previous stereotypes about marijuana. The first edition of this book is in wake of Colorado’s ruling and has since been revised and extended.
Through an objective approach – these authors focus on the laws and social practices that steer people toward alcohol while posing a serious question: Why do we punish adults who make rational, safer choices to use marijuana instead of alcohol?

mj-safer-book     As we can see in movies and tv shows (Real World, Spring Breakers), have as a society have accepted getting piss black out drunk and creating a scene as okay and find that someone who lights up a joint is a criminal.

“Americans have a unique, if slightly schizophrenic, relationship with Mary Jane”



Weed Reader: For the millions of Americans who want to advance the cause of marijuana policy reform or simply want to defend their own personal, safer choice – this book is for you! It provides talking points and great detailed information that questions our socially confusion – we do we culturally promote drinking when it’s more harmful than marijuana?

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